As Microsoft Silver partners our cloud offerings are all hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.  Using Azure we deploy many different solutions for our customers in Microsoft’s UK based Datacentres.

Each solution is tailored to a customer’s requirements ensuring not only the technical aspect of the solution is correct but also the cost of the solution is known in advance.  We can provide solutions based on consumption and fixed price.

Some of the services we provide to our existing customers include:

Cloud Servers – Azure Virtual Machines

Cloud servers can be spun up in seconds and connected to your secure business network.  These can be used as backup for on premise server or as live production machines.

The specification and capacity of these machines are tailored exactly to your needs.  Limitless configurations from a small domain controller to a large application server.

Cloud Desktops – Azure Virtual Machines

Cloud desktops are provisioned in the same way as the servers.  Windows 10, 11 and Linux OS can be provisioned in seconds.

End users can access these from many different internet connected devices:  Windows Desktops, MacOS devices (Apple Macs, iPads), Android and Linux.

Cloud storage – Azure Storage

Storage is available for all kinds of usage scenarios:

Backup of on-premise data, File shares, Long term storage / archiving, Additional capacity in virtual machines.

Ask us for more information on Azure and what it can do for your business.  More information can be found here:

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