Cyber Security:  DGITS and the National Cyber Security Centre

Davis Ground IT Services take a holistic view of cyber security and base our approach on the 10 components to protect an organisation outlined by the National Cyber Security Centre.  Effective security is a collaborative solution between DGITS and our customers.

The areas covered here are:

Risk Management

Engagement and training

Asset Management

Architecture and configuration

Vulnerability management

Identity and access management

Data security

Logging and monitoring

Incident management

Supply chain security

We work with our customers to ensure compliance in each of these areas.  For example, Risk Management may start with your organisation completing the Cyber Essentials certification and using this as a baseline.

Some further examples where DGITS provide our expertise within this framework are below.  We provide our knowledge and solutions in each of the 10 areas.

Architecture and configuration:  Office 365 lockdown, OS security, Domain lockdowns, Antivirus solutions, Firewall solutions

Data Security:  Encryption of data, Backup testing, Disaster recovery, VPN

Identity and access management:  Multifactor authentication, Single Sign on, PW managers, PW policy

Vulnerability Management:  Security and patch management, software update management